Safe Spaces


Want to grab a relaxing coffee or treat? try...

Bourbon & Bean Handshake Society 281 Front Street Belleville, ON

Cafe E 357 Front Street, Empire Square, Belleville

Lola's coffee house 78 Main St, Brighton

The Grind café 45 Front St, Trenton

Looking for safe, trusted health or medical support? try..

Moss Psychology, 154 Cannifton Road North, Belleville (613) 689-7783

Hastings and Prince Edward Health unit 179 N Park St, Belleville

Belleville community health center 161 Bridge St. West Belleville

Quinte West community health center 70 Murphy Street Trenton

Medical Clinic 65 Dundas St E, Belleville

BIHC Physiotherapy 77 College street west Belleville

Health and Wellness Center 265 Cannifton Road, Belleville

Brighton family health and medical team 170 Main, Brighton

The Sexual Assault Centre for Quinte & District. (613) 967-3300 -
      24h crisis support line 1-877-544-6424

Shoppers Drug Mart, 405 Dundas street East, Belleville, Ontario.

Here are some places people find safe to shop at try..

Dragonfly Boutique 23 Main St, Brighton, ON (613) 475 6275 -

Value Village 151 Bell Blvd Belleville

Salvation Army Thrift Shop 161 Bridge St W Belleville

Hotch's Auto Recycler's 22 Croften road

Moores Clothing 366 North Front ST, Belleville

Franco's Pizzaria 5529 Ontario 62, Prince Edward

Aren't We Naughty 366 North Front, Belleville

John's Hair Quarters Barber Shop 56 Bridge St E, Belleville

Looking for a safe employer or work opportunity? try...

Stream/ Converges (call center)

HGS (call center)

If you are an establishment that would like to be added to this page or know of a place or organization that should be on here please contact TRANSforum by email and we will do our best to get it up on here.

Thank you.

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